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A.B. Andersson – founded in 2004 – is an ERP consulting company serving the SMB (Small and Midsize Businesses) market. It’s been founded by former Accenture employees, SAP consultants.

We focus on

  • ERP vendor selection assistance
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • ERP implementation supervision
  • ERP Implementation – Shortening of Return on Investment
  • Enterprise Architecture

Do you need help in any of these areas? We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, however today’s technologies make remote consulting via skype and e-mail really easy! About 80% of ERP vendor selection activities can be arranged remotely, actually we can do anything except our presence at vendor demonstrations.

One of our clients said „everybody knows the price for talent is much better in the Central Europe than anywhere in the Western world, that’s why so many big technology companies have their competence centers in Prague“. The truth is our rate is much more affordable compared to regular ERP consultant’s rate.


  • a daily rate of a regular ERP consultant: $1200
  • our daily rate: $712 (8 hours of work, $89 an hour)

If you are interested in hiring an ex-Accenture ex-SAP consultant with 20 year experience and save almost $500 a day on your ERP vendor selection project please contact us via e-mail: